Summer Swim 2024

Horizons at The Ethel Walker School swim program's 2024 goal is for students to be able to demonstrate a variety of swim skills pertaining to water safety, flotation, and endurance; such that they can comfortably and safely swim in any body of water independently.

Through this program, students will gain confidence in their swimming abilities and learn how to constructively communicate with their peers and adults in aquatic environments. 

2021 instructor giving student positive reinforcements during lessons.

Summer 2024 Programing Snapshot:

This summer, student’s will be assessed using a checklist of approximately 15 critical swim skills. Pre-assessments will take place prior to lessons to assure each student's needs are met in lesson groups.

After initial testing, both in-water and classroom modalities of water safety and technique training is incorporated into the student's weekly schedules. Using data and feedback from instructors from the pre-program, the Aquatics Director will place students into 3 - 4 lesson groups with individual swim instructors. Swim instructors cater to the classes individual needs and skills of their groups using SEL skills and American Red Cross training, as well as introduce new skills to further their swim career.

By rotating skill practice, providing demonstrations (on land & water), incorporating games, and learning through play, students will receive individualized support to strengthen previously mastered swim skills and develop new ones. 

Both in the middle and at the end of programming, swimmers will be sent home with report cards/specific notes from instructors. This will keep parents in the loop about the swim program generally, and update them on their swimmer's progress.