COVID-19 Health Protocols

Daily Health Screening for Students & Staff

Questionario de salud para los estudiantes



In an effort to ensure that all members of the community are healthy, we require that all students, faculty, and staff have a COVID PCR test with a documented negative result within 3 to 5 days prior to the program’s start date of July 6th, 2021  prior to arriving on campus. A copy of the document must be scanned/emails or brought with your student on the first day of school at bus stop location and given to the bus monitor. Any student, faculty or staff who is unable to provide documentation of a negative result will not be allowed to remain on campus until such time as they provide the documentation. All testing and communication of results to families will be managed by the Horizons Nurse/COVID Coordinator.

In the event that your student displays any symptoms such as high temperature, cough, or chills, we plan to isolate and monitor the student upon notifying the parent or guardian of your child’s illness and symptoms. A parent or guardian will need to pick the student up. Emergency contacts will be notified if a parent/guardian is unavailable.


Students will be grouped by grade level on the buses. Students who are siblings or come from the same household can sit together. Masks must be worn while on the bus. If your temperature is too high upon entering the bus, your child will not be allowed to attend the program that day. We will have bus monitors for each bus to supervise students and ensure that safety and social distancing protocols are being followed. 

Jumoke Bus Stop (Bus 1 and 2)

250 Blue Hills Ave, Hartford, CT 06112

School Day start:

7:25 pick up at Jumoke to The Ethel Walker School 

7:45 arrives at The Ethel Walker School 

School Day Ends

3:30 pick up at The Ethel Walker School to Jumoke 

3:50 for drop off at Jumoke

(Parkville Bus Stop) (Bus 1 and 2)

47 New Park Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

School Day Start:

7:10 pick up at Parkville to The Ethel Walker School 

7:45 arrives to The Ethel Walker School 

School Day Ends:

3:30 pick up at The Ethel Walker School to Parkville 

3: 55 for drop off at Parkville

Daily Questionnaire

Upon bus boarding, you will need to make sure you complete a daily questionnaire that includes the following:

  1. Is your child displaying any of the following symptoms (Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, Diarrhea)?
  2. Has your child been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
  3. Does your child have a high temperature over 98.6 F?

If your child is displaying any of the symptoms, we ask that you keep your student home until they are feeling better. Another negative PCR may be requested at that time. 


Because all of us are interdependent and must rely on the trust of one another in order to emerge successfully from this pandemic, we are asking all families to recognize that their actions have a  bearing on the health and well-being of everyone else. Accordingly, in the 14 days leading up to your arrival on campus, we ask that all students and their families, faculty, and staff self-quarantine at home to the extent possible, carefully limiting their interactions with those beyond their immediate family. It’s important to distinguish between a request to quarantine and one to isolate. This  request for a quarantine involves being judicious about avoiding unnecessary travel, not attending large  gatherings, and generally being very careful about the contacts you are undertaking.


We plan to follow the directives of government officials on the requirements for schools on the administration of a vaccine should one become available. As of now, 12 years and older are eligible to take the vaccine. If you feel comfortable letting us know your child’s vaccine status, we will keep this in a confidential document. This will only be viewable by the camp nurse and executive director and will be used for contact tracing purposes. 

Face Coverings

Face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth will be required while on-site and indoors. Face coverings can be removed due to social distancing if outside. 


Teaching spaces will be expanded to include outdoor learning tents. All of our outdoor learning spaces will be furnished with student desks, connectivity and will be proximate to buildings with bathrooms, etc., and may allow for students to remove their face coverings while outside. If students are 3ft socially distanced, they are able to take their masks off.


When indoors, face coverings are to be worn at all times unless you are seated to eat in Abra’s Dining Hall. Each dining table is equipped with plexiglass dividers for the safety of students and staff while eating. We will weekly outdoor box lunches where students can eat under tented outdoor classroom space.

Swimming Protocol (K-7 only)

Students will need to change in the locker room with 6ft social distancing policies in mind.  Students are to enter the pool and walk immediately to the right to put down their belongings on the benches in marked areas. One class per session will be admitted during each session (15 students). When students are outside of the pool they must wear masks.